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Do you take walk-ins?

Our team strictly works by appointment.  We want to bring you the best experience & we value your time, therefore we do our best not to "squeeze" anyone in if there isn't an appointment time available for them.   Booking appointments is super easy through our online booking links on our Team pages!

Can I get a price quote for color over the phone?

With the many variables involved in Hair Color & Highlights, it's very difficult to provide accurate information during a phone call.  We do offer an online consultation option which allows you to give us more detailed information about what you're looking to achieve, which in turn will allow us to give you a price range for the results you want.

Do you cut Men's hair or Kid's hair?​

Yes, we do!  We base our menu & pricing on the amount of time it takes to provide the service requested.  For example, Sarah offers a BASIC Haircut (no Shampoo/no Style) which takes about 30 min.  This would be a great option if you had short hair, and just wanted a trim.  On the other hand, if you have hair down to your ankles, that will take a bit more time, and therefore is priced accordingly for the time necessary. 

Still confused?  Just send a Selfie to 618-236-9698 and we can let you know what service to choose.

How should my hair be prepped when I arrive to my appointment?

It would be ideal for you to arrive with your hair:

  1. CLEAN & DRY - Washed within the last day or two depending on how oily your hair gets.

  2. DETANGLED- If you arrive with any significant knots & tangles in your hair, an extra fee will apply depending on how long it takes to work through your hair.

  3. MINIMAL TO ZERO PRODUCT- Products like leave-in conditioners are fine. Gray-root covering powders, excessive dry shampoo, & products that cause build up on your scalp & hair strands can affect how your hair reacts to color. We may not achieve your desired results for your hair if these products are on your hair during your appointment.​

What should I wear to my appointment?

We want your appointment to be as comfortable for you as possible. You are welcome to wear what you would like, but here are some recommendations:


-Avoid bulky & hooded sweatshirts or turtleneck blouses. These types of clothing run the risk of being exposed to color or prevent the hair from laying smoothly.


-We will always put a cape on you, but you are welcome to also wear one of our Salon Tees (they are hanging on the restroom door) to protect your clothing further.

-Remember that your hair color reflects the colors around you. We recommend wearing solid, neutral colors, as they will allow you to see your actual hair color the best. These colors also tend to look best in your "AFTER" photos.

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